Window and door rules
Window treatment is not required. Window treatments allowed are:

Vertical or horizontal blinds, color: white or off-white
Drapery allowed but the exterior side must be white or off-white

Window treatments not allowed are:

Shutters, roll-up shades, Roman shades, bed sheets and/or bed spreads

Per Declarations:

Paragraph 15. a. of the Declarations state that each Unit Owner is responsible for maintaining all exterior windows, window frames, doors and doorframes. The Association is responsible for periodic painting and cleaning of the exterior surfaces including washing the outside of the windows.

If an Owner wishes to replace exterior entry doors and/or windows, a "Request for Approval of Unit Alteration and/or Change" (application form) is required to be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The replacement should not commence until receipt of written approval from the ARC, who will base their decision on these guidelines.

Exterior Entry Door(s)

The entry door can be replaced with a six-panel solid core wooden exterior grade door to match the existing. The hardware including the unit number should be removed from the existing door and installed on the new door. (Note: Similar new hardware can be installed) The outside surface of the new door should be painted dark green (Sherwin Williams #2385 Exterior Latex Gloss) to match other doors. The doorframe shall be painted white. Pre-hung doors are approved.

No screen, storm or other doors can be installed on the outside of any breezeway entry door. Unit Owners must remove any existing screen, storm or other doors by March 31, 2007. Failure to remove could result in a fine and the Association removing the doors at the unit owner's expense.

Sliding Glass Doors

The sliding glass separating the unit's living area from the lanai must not be removed. They can be replaced with similar sliding doors with a white vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum frame and may have a light tint..  

They can also be replaced with wooden, vinyl, or fiberglass, French doors. The French doors glass panels must match exterior windows that have panes or have a single pane glass. The size of the existing opening cannot be modified for the doors. Instead glass panels can be used to adjust the opening to accommodate a pair of doors, each not exceeding 3 feet in width. The doors and frame must be white. 

If desired, the glass in either sliding or French doors can have a light gray tint. The tint should be no darker than 3M Scotchshield Number S35NEAR400 window film.



Widows can be replaced with single hung colonial style windows to match the existing. The window frame should be white and may be fiberglass, vinyl, or metal. The lower window should have a black screen on the outside. If desired, the glass can have a light gray tint. The tint should be no darker than 3M Scotchshield Number S35NEAR400 window film.

Note: Any sealant or caulk used on the doors or windows must be white or clear.


Construction activity: No construction allowed on Sundays or Holidays in the Grand Complex.

1/11/07 rev 2/17/07
adopted 2/21/2007
rev and adopted April 21, 2010