The Grand at Olde Carrollwood

Audio and Videotaping Rules for Meetings of the Board, Members and Committees


Complying with the Florida Statutes and according to the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes which define the Division Rules on Videotaping, the Grand at Olde Carrollwood adopts the following rules:

Any unit owner may tape record or videotape meetings of the board of administration, committee meetings, or unit owner meetings, subject to the following restrictions:

  • The only audio and video equipment and devices which unit owners are authorized to utilize at any such meeting is equipment which does not produce distracting sound or light emissions.

  • Video equipment shall be assembled and placed in position fifteen (15) minutes in advance of the commencement of the meeting. The placement location to be determined by the Board of Directors.

  • Any member videotaping or recording a meeting shall not be permitted to move about the meeting room.

  • Advance notice of twenty-four hours (24) shall be given to the Board of Directors by a member desiring to utilize any audio or video equipment.

  • Any tapes or videos taken at a meeting may not be disseminated outside of the association other than to an owner's legal counsel or agent without the written consent of the board of directors.

  • There shall be no audio or video taping of meetings by a third party (non-member) without a written request and approval by the board of directors.






adopted 1/16/2008