The Grand at Olde Carrollwood
Tennis Court Rules

Hours 8AM to 10PM

  • Only Grand at Olde Carrollwood residents and invited guests  (3 guests per unit) are to use the tennis courts.)

  • A "recreation pass" must be kept with all residents when at any facility, pool or tennis courts and you must be able to show this pass any time you are requested to do so.

  • Tennis Courts are available on first come, first play basis and cannot be reserved.

  • Only tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes allowed on tennis court.

  • No other games are to be played on tennis courts (no football, no tag games, no other games). The tennis courts are for tennis only.

  • No vehicles, including bicycles, skateboards or any type of scooters.

  • No skating, inline skates, wheelies, indoor skates or any other type of skates or shoes with wheels attached.

  • Do not use loud, abusive or improper language on or near the tennis courts.

  • Players are to remove all litter from the courts after completion of play, close the gates and turn the lights off.

  • Please respect your neighbors and the residents of our community and treat all other residents as you want to be treated.

  • Association has the right to deny use of the tennis courts to anyone at any time.

Use of the tennis courts are at your own risk

Please do not leave the tennis court lights on after 10PM


adopted 7/2007