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Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations are very necessary in a community with 244 owners. They are not meant to be punitive and are meant to maintain consistency and fairness to all. Without Rules, our community would deteriorate ... as would our property values.  All owners received documents, which they acknowledged at the time of purchase of their respective condominiums.  It is recognized that the rules appear to be "scattered" throughout the documents.  This web page is designed to give us a quick reference for sharing the rules with our owners and residents and this page, by no means is all inclusive. The legally recorded documents should be referred to in addition to these rules.

In August, our condominium association took over the management of The Grand at Olde Carrollwood. The Board of Directors is currently developing equitable rules and regulations as part of their responsibilities. As these are developed, the information will be posted to this web page. The Board of Directors  will also make diligent efforts to see that the rules are adhered to in order to meet the "consistency and fairness to all" position as stated above. As soon as possible, these "rules" will be placed in a source document so that a matter may be referred to with ease.

The Board of Directors (Management) reserves the right to change or revoke existing rules and regulations and to make additional rules and regulations from time to time as it deems necessary or desirable for the protection of the buildings and the occupants, to promote cleanliness and good order within the condominium property and to ensure the comfort and convenience of unit owners.

Note:  As a convenience for you, a PDF file entitled "Rulebook" has been compiled into a single resource document. It contains rules that have been adopted by the Board of Directors. Please download and save with your association documents.

click here for PDF file


Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were recorded (December 2005) with the Hillsborough County Clerk and may be viewed online (click here)

Pool Rules - adopted October 18, 2006
Revised 7/2007

Fitness Center Rules - adopted December 2009 Revised 9/2011

Flyer with miscellaneous rules distributed - January 2007

Sunroom & Balcony Rules - adopted March 2010

Bulletin Boards - adopted February 21, 2007

ARC Guidelines for Lanais and patios - adopted Feb 21,2007 Revised 8/27/2008, 4/21/2010, 3/21/ 2012 & 2/20/2013

ARC Guidelines for Windows and doors - adopted 2/21/07 Revised 4/21/2010

ARC Guidelines for Unit Interiors - adopted 2/21/07
Revised 8/27/2008 & 4/21/2010

Bicycles - Storage Regulations - adopted 2/21/07

Termites - Procedure - Adopted 2/21/07 Revised 7/2017

Violation Fines - Adopted 2/21/07, Revised April2016

Plumbing Repairs - adopted 2/21/07 - Revised 12/15/10 Revised 7/2017

Conflict of Interest Rule - adopted 5/16/07

Tennis Court Rules- adopted 7/2007

Picnic Area rules-  adopted 7/2007

Videotaping Rules - adopted 1/16/2008

Records Request Rules - adopted 1/16/2008 Revised 7/2017

Blinds for Lanais - adopted 3/19/2008

Clubroom Rules adopted March 2010 Revised 9/2011

Moving rules  posted 11/17/2008

Patio guidelines adopted March 17, 2010

Feeding of Wildlife Rule Adopted 1/19/2011

Written Inquiry - adopted 9/17/2012 Revised 7/2017




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