The Grand at Olde Carrollwood

Plumbing Repairs Protocol


In the event that a Unit Owner or Occupant (the occupant should notify the owner) experiences a problem with the plumbing; a licensed plumber should be called. Most plumbing problems are within the unit and are the responsibility of the Unit Owner or Occupant.


In the event that immediate action is needed to prevent damage or flooding to other units in the building, the Unit Owner or Occupant should contact any one of the following that is available:

Property Manager

813 - 962-2042
Emergency Property Management

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The only way to shut off water to the entire building is at the back-flow shut off valve. It is required to contact management to arrange for the on-site maintenance staff to unlock the shut off value. It is necessary to notify all the unit residents when shutting off water to the building. Non-Emergency plumbing repairs require a 24-hour notice to all residents.


Only damaged/broken drain pipes outside the building are the responsibility of the Association. If your plumber determines that the pipe outside of the building is damaged, please contact either the property manager or the emergency number immediately. The association will contact the association plumber, verify the problem and repair the outside drain. Reimbursement to the unit owner for the initial discovery of a broken/damaged drain pipe by the plumber will depend on the cause of the problem.
The Association is not responsible for an inside or outside drain clog which originated from one of the units because of inappropriate items put in the drain system: i.e. feminine hygiene products, diapers, paper towels, toys, foreign objects, etc. 
The Association is not responsible for any damage within a unit, including insurance deductibles or any other claims, resulting from any type of plumbing clog, 

adopted 2/21/07
revised 12/14/2010
revised July 2017