The Grand at Old Carrollwood
Grill and Picnic Area Rules

Recreation Pass Required

  • Grill/Picnic/Pool area is open from 8AM TO 10PM
  • There are no reservations. First come, first serve. No one is allowed to sit for over 15 minutes to save a table or grill for a party.
  • Confine your party to one grill and one picnic table. The picnic and grill area must be shared.
  • Leave the grill clean and ready for the next resident's use. Clean the tables and pick up all the debris from the ground.
  • No Smoking in the pool and picnic area.
  • No glass bottles, glasses, plates allowed in this area for safety. Plastic only.
  • There are garbage cans provided for general trash, but for health and insect control, please do not place uneaten food or diapers inside trash containers.
  • No wrestling, horseplay or running in this area. No yelling, screaming or fighting.
  • Control your children and restrain them from being a nuisance. Require your children to follow the rules.
  • Do not climb or stand on tables or chairs. Do not sit on the tables.
  • No audio players with the volume loud enough to bother other residents in the grill/picnic/pool area or those residents living in close proximity to the area. If requested, please turn the volume down or use earphones.

The Association reserves the right to deny the use of this area to anyone at any time.


adopted 7/2007