Grand at Olde Carrollwood

Patio Guidelines


Document Definitions and Parameters:

In this guideline "Patio" refers to common element patios on the exterior of each unit.

Patios, Patio areas and plant beds are common element areas and subject to rules approved by the Association's Board of Directors.

Allowed on patios:

  • Muted Earth Tone and neutral colored "patio furniture" and umbrellas (closed except when in use)
  • No bright colors
  • Live plants in containers
Allowed on patios and in plant beds adjacent to patios:
  • No more than 4 garden or outdoor ornaments (none over 42" High, no plastic or wood )
  • 6 solar lights
  • No agricultural or artificial plants allowed on patio or in plant beds.
Allowed in plant beds:
  • All plants planted in plant beds must be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors.
No A/C electric lights, appliances or other items allowed on patios, plant beds or common areas.  With the exception of the above limitations on garden ornaments, container plants or lights in plant beds; no plants, furniture, outdoor ornaments, lights or any other objects allowed to be placed or planted in the common area outside the patio.

In the event of severe storm or hurricane warnings, the owner and resident are responsible for removing all items from the patio and plant beds and securing them inside their unit, not on screened lanai. If failure to secure items results in damage to any property in the complex, the unit owner  will be held 100% liable for the resulting damage by the items.


Anything other than what is posted on these guidelines must be approved by the board.

Anyone in violation has 10 days to correct the problem. If anyone has any questions about the above, please contact our property manager and it will be presented to the proper committee.


adopted March 17, 2010