The Grand at Olde Carrollwood

MOVING into or out of a Unit RULES

Whether you are moving in or out of your residence, it is extremely important that your neighbors are not disturbed. The following rules will be enforced and fines will apply should they not be adhered to.


  1. Times - Moving is permitted during the hours of 8AM through 9 PM

  2. Vans (rented or commercial) or trucks used for moving must abide to the official moving hours of 8AM - 9PM

  3. Compactor/dumpster - No furniture items, appliances, tv's, paint cans, electronics, chemicals or boxes that have not been flattened may be placed into the compactor or left in the dumpster area. Our dumpster is to be used solely for tied garbage bags … no loose items.

  4. Pods - Are permitted upon written request and for a 24 hour period only. Pods may not be placed in carports or in any handicap or assigned parking space. An Association PERMIT shall be affixed to the Pod while on the premises

  5. Lanais are a limited common area and moving boxes or items, not permitted by our documents, shall not be placed on lanais.

  6. RVs - Upon a written request, RV's which need to be loaded or unloaded may remain within the grounds for a maximum of 24 hours and may not be parked in a carport, handicap or assigned parking space. An Association PERMIT shall be placed on the front windshield while on the premises



    The Association is not responsible for theft or damage to any property as a result of any resident moving in or out of a unit. The Resident assumes all risks associated with moving.

    Further information regarding our association rules may be found on our website…