Many owners, occupants and others wish to alter or change their screened porch or patio. One must realize that screened porches and patios or lanais are designated as Limited Common Elements. Limited Common Elements are not included in the square feet of the Unit area (Paragraph 12 a of the Declarations) and not owned by the unit owner. It is the intent of this Guideline to preserve the exterior design of the buildings provided by the screened porches and patios while providing owners the right to make some alterations and modifications.

What is permitted

1. Enclosing the screened porches and patios is allowed by having a white aluminum frame. The frame members (horizontal and vertical) should be in approximately the same location as members of the initial screen frame. Sliding horizontal glass windows that are removable should be in the upper areas. The lower areas, next to the floor, should have a fixed glass panel no higher than 30 inches. The tint should be no darker than 3M Scotchshield Number S35NEAR400 window film. One of the pair of sliding windows should have a screen. The screen should be black. Only glass is allowed in approved enclosures. Use of plexiglass, acrylic or vinyl is not allowed in any opening when enclosing a screened lanai.

Ground level units should have a hinged walk out door in approximately the same location as the existing with the same design as the windows. (Glass over glass or glass over a solid panel)

2. Install a ceiling fan or fan/light combination.

3. Install tile on the floor.

4. Blinds will be allowed on screened lanais as well as enclosed lanais and must comply to the "Blind Guidelines for Lanais" adopted by the Board of Directors March 19, 2008. Installation of blinds on lanais requires an application for installation as well as a signed guideline. Installation also requires a meeting with a member of the ARC committee member prior to ordering blinds to insure the resident understands the parameters of the blind guidelines. This is to prevent a resident from making a costly error. When installation is complete, the blinds must be inspected by an ARC Committee member for final approval.

5. Screened lanais only: Install clear acrylic or clear plexiglass panels for the lower portion of screened lanais for pet and child safety in both upper and lower units.

6. . Placement of patio furniture, objects no taller than 42 inches in height and potted plants. Patio furniture is defined as being suitable for outdoor. 

Note: Any change/alteration requires submission of a "Request for Approval of Unit Alteration and/or Change" form being submitted to the ARC.

What is not permitted:

1. Installing or having window treatments other than the 2" white faux wood horizontal blinds approved in the "Blind Guidelines for Lanais". No verticals blinds, rollup shades, roman shades or shutters.

2. Installing any unit air conditioner, heater, heat pump, etc.

3. Painting the walls and/or ceiling any color other than exterior white, flat or semi-gloss or the newly painted building color, Onion Powder #418-2. 
Porter Paintís Onion Powder color is product # 3939/05 Light.

4. Removing the sliding doors or French doors separating the Unit from the Limited Common Element

5. Installing single or double hung windows or fixed windows in the upper area.

6. Having the screens on the lower area replaced by a frame and stucco wall or concrete block wall. Only the frame mentioned above is permitted.

7. Replacing screens with a sliding door is prohibited.

8. Placement of any items/objects which do not conform to the above paragraph "What is permitted". Below are samples of items that are not permitted. The sample list is not all-inclusive and included here to assist you. If an object does not conform to "What is permitted", it is NOT permitted such as:

Objects over 42 inches in height, grills, bicycles, laundry garments, towels, sound emitting devices such as radios and televisions and any object that penetrates the walls or floor 


COMMON ELEMENT PATIOS (also see Patio guidelines  click here )

Unit owners may want to replace or install a patio in the Common Element adjacent to and outside their screened porch. This requires submission of a "Request for Approval of Unit Alteration and/or Change" form being submitted to the ARC. The Request must have a drawing indicating the dimensions, location of the Unit, and location of trees. The approved color of the stone is called "Amaretto" and the style is called "Appian stone". Any other color and style requires ARC approval.

NOTE: For final approval of this application, the ARC requires the following:

1. A sketch of elevation showing the lanai enclosure frame and fixed/ sliding window locations including the walkout door, if applicable, and/or a sketch of the common element patio showing the details described above.

2. Unless an active certificate is on file with the Association, a certificate of General Liability Insurance naming The Grand at Olde Carrollwood Condominium Association as an additional insured.

3. Unless waived by the County/State or is on file with the Association, a certificate of Worker's Compensation Insurance.

4.  Patios must be installed by a licensed and insured individual or company approved by the association.

5.  Residents are not allowed to engage in any type of construction work in the common areas of the Grand complex.



These guidelines shall be signed and attached to the ARC Committee application and become a part of the application for alterations and/or changes to lanais and patios.


I have read and understand the above:  ______________________________________ unit owner       

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Revised 8/27/08
Revised and adopted 4/21/2010
Revised and adopted March 21, 2012
Revised and adopted February 20, 2013