Many unit owners desire to make changes to their Unit during or prior to occupancy. Most cosmetic changes, such as painting, do not require review and approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Because this is a condominium with two story buildings, utility connections and other changes that may affect adjacent or lower Units do require approval of the ARC.


Paragraph 16 Section a. (iii) (A) of the Declarations states that no owner or occupant may make any alteration within a Unit which involves connecting to Common Element pipes, lines, conduits and/or any other apparatus for access to common utilities without prior written ARC approval (including, but not limited to, the installation of washers and dryers). No structural or load bearing walls may be modified without having a drawing and report from a licensed structural engineer being submitted to the ARC and receiving prior written approval from the ARC.


Owners should submit a "Request for Approval of Unit Alteration and Change" (Application) form for review and approval of the ARC. The ARC will require a licensed electrician, air conditioning technician and plumber be used and responsible for their respective work. Instead of individual trades, a licensed general contractor can be used as long as that contractor is responsible for the work. In addition to the above, the ARC may require building permits, drawings and other specifications with regards to modifications to and/or removal of load bearing walls.


Second floor units must submit an application form and receive prior written approval of the ARC, if carpeting is being replaced with wood, or other hard surface flooring. The ARC requires second floor unit owners to have 80% of the Unit (excluding the kitchen and bathrooms) carpeted unless the flooring is sound proofed so as not to exceed the noise level in those units with carpeted floors. A sound test, paid by the owner and in the unit making the application, is required prior to removing the carpet from the unit. A guarantee must be provided with the owner guaranteeing to restore the carpet if the noise level exceeds the initial sound test with carpet. The noise level must be verified by a final sound test paid by the owner.

Second floor units: Tile or vinyl may be installed in kitchens and baths. Installation of tile, in kitchen or baths, requires a sound proofing material ( cork underlayment) to be installed prior to the installation of tile. No hardwood or laminates are allowed in kitchens and baths.


NOTE: For final approval of this application, the ARC requires the following:

1. Unless an active license is on file with the Association, a copy of the licenses for the electrician, plumber or air conditioner technician unless

the general contractor provides a copy of his license and is responsible for

that work.


2. Unless an active certificate is on file with the Association, a certificate of General Liability Insurance naming The Grand at Olde Carrollwood Condominium Association as an additional insured. This shall be furnished with each of the above licenses.


3. Unless waived by the County/State or is on file with the Association, a

certificate of Worker's Compensation Insurance for each of the license contractors.


"Guidelines for Unit Interior Modification" shall be signed and attached to the

ARC application and become a part of the application.


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revised 8/27/2008
revised and adopted 4/21/2010