The Grand at Olde Carrollwood


The following are procedures be followed for the failure of a Unit Owner or Owner's tenant, guest, occupant or invitee to abide by the Association's Restrictions:

The Property Manager shall send to the Unit Owner, and Owner's tenant, guest, occupant or invitee, if applicable, a Notice of Violation advising that a condition or behavior observed at or on the Ownerís property or within the Condominium is in violation of the Association's Restrictions. The Notice shall advise the Owner that the Board of Directors may impose fines or suspensions against them. Fines may be imposed daily of a continuing violation, not exceed $100.00 per violation, per day, and shall not exceed $1,000.00 in aggregate.

The Associationís Board of Directors shall review the Property Manager's recommendation and may vote to levy a fine, suspension and/or approve other legal action to enforce the Association's Restrictions. The Board of Directors shall direct the Property Manager to advise the Unit Owner or other party facing a fine or suspension, in writing, of the Board of Director's decision. The Notice of Fine shall be sent to the Unit Owner or personís address of record on file with the Association, and it shall provide fourteen (14) days' notice of an opportunity to be heard by the Unit Owner Committee.

If the Unit Owner does not request a hearing in writing within fourteen days of the Notice of Fine, the fine levied by the Board of Directors shall go into effect. If the Unit Owner requests a hearing based upon the Notice of Fine, the Property Manager shall be responsible for posting notice of the Unit Owner Committee meeting in the Condominium. The Property Manager (or a member of the Board of Directors or the Associationís legal counsel) may present the Associationís case, in person or in writing, to the Committee at the noticed meeting where a fine and/or suspension is being considered.

After the imposition of a fine in accordance with the procedure above, the Property Manager shall issue a letter to the Unit Owner stating the results of the meeting. If the payment of the fine is not received as demanded by the Association, the fine and any outstanding violation may be referred to the Association's attorney for further review and possible legal action. If a fine is not paid after ninety (90) days from the date it is due, suspensions of the Unit Owner's voting rights shall occur.

Non-payment of a fine may result in legal action being taken to collect the fine from the responsible party, if the fine and any associated attorneysí fees and costs to the Association are not paid within applicable timeframes, whether a violation is corrected or not. Recovery of a fine imposed by the Association shall not excuse an offending party from future compliance with the Associationís Restrictions.

Adopted March 2007
Revised April 2016


adopted 3/21/07