The Grand at Olde Carrollwood Condominium Association, Inc.

Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct for
The Board of Directors and Volunteers of the
Grand at Olde Carrollwood

The Board of Directors of The Grand at Olde Carrollwood has the obligation and duty to make decisions for the entire community and is responsible to set a standard and a tone for behavior that is conducive to the best interests of the entire community. The Board of Directors of the Grand at Olde Carrollwood Condominium Association hereby adopts the following code of ethics and code of conduct that are applicable to all volunteers serving the community.

  1. The Board of Directors will use its best efforts at all times to make decisions that are consistent with high principles, and to protect and enhance the safety and property value of the residents.
  2. No gifts of any type will be accepted by any volunteer from any resident, contractor, or supplier.
  3. No contributions will be made to any political parties or political candidates by the Association without a majority vote of the community confirming such action.
  4. The Board Members will protect confidentiality of other Board Members' personal lives, as well as all residents' personal lives.
  5. No pending board or committee matters will be shared (verbally or written) with anyone outside of the board or committee until such matter is discussed at a meeting in the "sunshine" when association members have an opportunity to witness the discussion and decision outcomes.
  6. No promise of anything can be made to any subcontractor, supplier, or contractor during negotiations, unless approved by the Board as a whole.
  7. No drugs, alcohol, or substance abuse will be tolerated.
  8. Any Board Member convicted of a felony will voluntarily resign from his/her position.
  9. Language at Board Meetings will be kept professional. Personal attacks against Co-owners and Board Members are prohibited and are not consistent with the best interest of the community.
  10. It is understood that differences of opinion will exist. They should be expressed in a clear and business-like fashion.
  11. Proper parliamentary procedure should be followed to have such dissenting positions stated clearly within the official records of the Association.
  12. A Board Member may not knowingly misrepresent any facts to anyone involved in anything with the community that would benefit himself/herself in any way.
  13. No Board Member may use his/her position to enhance his/her financial status through the use of certain contractors or suppliers. Any potential or actual conflict of interest must be disclosed to the other Board of Directors.

This resolution is adopted this 19th day of December, 2007 at an open Board meeting where a quorum of the Board was present and will become effective immediately. Upon approval, each new community volunteer and board member will be required to agree to this code of ethics and rules of conduct.