The Grand at Olde Carrollwood

Blind Guidelines for Lanais

In order to allow blinds, there must be very strict guidelines to enable the board to maintain a high standard of appearance in the entire complex.

  1. Blinds must be horizontal slat type blinds 2"
  2. Blinds to be made of Faux wood, PVC vinyl. Faux wood blinds are resistant to moisture and may be used on screened and enclosed lanais. Faux wood blinds are mainly available in 2" slats.
  3. White Only
  4. Blinds must be able to be fastened at the bottom to eliminate blowing in the wind.
  5. No Vertical blinds allowed except those grandfathered in by this date March 19, 2008.
  6. No roll up blinds
  7. No shades
  8. No shutters
  9. If any blinds are used, the entire upper area of the lanai (screened or glass) must have blinds. Placing a blind in just one area of a lanai is not permitted.
  10. All blinds in the lanai (screened areas, glassed areas and doors) are to be the same type, style and white in color.
  11. Blinds cannot be damaged, dented, rusted or broken.
  12. Blinds must hang properly i.e. not loose, uneven or unattached.

Blind length and width:

  1. Blinds may only be installed in the upper screened area and no longer than 30" from the floor or the horizontal cross bar, dividing the screened areas. This is sufficient to provide shade from the sun without getting the blinds muddy and dirty in the lower section.
  2. Blinds must be as wide as the screened or glass area between the vertical crossbars.
  3. Two or more separate blinds in the screened or glass area between vertical crossbars will not be allowed.

In order to install any blinds in any unit an application must be submitted to the ARC Committee for approval and inspection.  You may print out the application (here).
These guidelines shall be attached
to the Architectural Review Committee Application and become a part of the application for blinds in limited common element lanais. Installation of blinds does not alter or modify the rule pertaining to the type of furniture or items that can be placed on the limited common element lanais.

I have read and understand the above: ___________________________Unit Owner  ________dated

adopted 3/19/2008