The Grand at Olde Carrollwood

Bicycle Storage Regulations


NOTICE:: 7/22/2010   Second reminder

Bicycles that are being stored in the bicycle storage area that are not properly identified with a tag and not properly registered with the association will be considered abandoned and will be removed from our premises by July 31, 2010 and donated to a charity.

If you are currently storing your bicycle in our storage area, please contact the property manager to receive the identification tag. We need to identify the bikes that have not been abandoned and request your assistance immediately.

Thank you


Inasmuch as there appears to be questions regarding the storage of bicycles, the information listed below shall govern the storage of same:

  • Bicycles may not be stored in the common elements (breezeways, walkways, balconies etc.) or limited common elements (screened porches, carports/ parking spaces etc.)


  • According to the condominium documents which were provided at the time of purchase of all units, bicycles shall be stored within the boundaries of a condominium unit and not stored on any of the common or limited common elements.


  • As an alternative provision for bike storage, the Board of Directors has made an area available for owners who wish to store their bicycles. This designated area is adjacent to the maintenance building. A bike rack for such purpose has been placed behind the maintenance building. It is the responsibility of each bike owner to secure (lock) their bicycle. The organization will not be held liable for damage or theft of same.


References: Offering Document, page 11,B 3,4&5

Declaration of Condominium, page 16, last P

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adopted 2/21/07