Architectural Review Committee
Form to be submitted to Clubhuse address for forwarding to ARC Committee.
The Grand At Olde Carrollwood
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When planning any alteration and/or change, unit owners must submit this form to the ARC Committee for approval. A separate application must be submitted for each guideline. Final approval of this application cannot be granted until all requirements of the applicable guideline have been satisfied.

PLEASE PRINT: Guideline: (Circle One)    Lanai/Patio     Windows/Doors      Interior Modifications

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Include any sketches, pictures, or brochures; and required contractor licenses and insurance certificates.

NOTE: Should this Application be approved, work must commence within six (6) months of the approval date. If work has not commenced by that date, such approval shall be deemed revoked unless extended in writing by the ARC. All work stated and approved under this Application must be completed in its entirety within ninety days (90) from the date of commencement unless extended in writing by the ARC. (This provision is in compliance with Paragraph 16, subparagraph h of the Declarations)

The undersigned property owner hereby acknowledges receipt of guidelines for alternations and agrees that the undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining whether the improvements, alternation, additions, and/or changes described herein comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances; including, without limitation, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations and building codes. The Architectural Review Committee shall have no liability or obligation to determine whether such improvements, alternations, and/or changes comply with any such laws, rules, regulation, codes or ordinances. Owner agrees to hold The Grand At Olde Carrollwood harmless from damages to other units, persons, or property. Damages to common elements or limited common elements of the Association or other owner personal or real property shall be repaired, restored, or replaced to its original condition, at the expense of owner engaging in renovations, alterations, and/or changes to their unit. Such damage shall be repaired, restored, or replaced within seven (7) working days upon written notice of damage.

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Arc Rev 06/20/07, Rev 2/15/2017