The Grand at Olde Carrollwood
10311 Club Circle, Tampa, Florida 33618

LEASE APPLICATION              Date_____________

A copy of the fully executed Lease must be attached to this application.

Unit #_________  Street Address_____________________________________________________

Application for Lease  From __________________  To _______________________
Name #1 _________________________   Phone ______________ E-mail____________________

Name #2 _________________________   Phone ______________ E-mail____________________

Three years of continued residential history needed

Current Address _____________________________________________________ Years _______
                          Street                                              City                        State          Zip
Previous Address ____________________________________________________ Years _______
                          Street                                              City                        State          Zip
Occupation #1  __________________Occupation #2 __________________

#1 Employer _____________________________________________________________________ 
                Company                                                         Phone                                    Contact/Title
#2 Employer  _____________________________________________________________________
                 Company                                                       Phone                                     Contact/Title
#1 How long _________________________     #2 How long ________________________
Number of persons to occupy unit  _______

Number of children _____     age  ______     age _____   age _____

Number of Pets  _____        breed_______________________     breed______________________

NO Commercial Trucks, RV's, Boats or Trailers allowed
____________________________________      __________________________________
  Vehicle make                             tag                    Vehicle make                                    tag

Driver's license #1 ___________________________ Driver's license #2 _________________________

In case of EMERGENCY notify  ___________________________________  Relationship _____________
Address _________________________________________________  Phone ________________
            Sreet                                                  City                State    Zip       

My signature indicates the above information is true. The condominium documents, which include the Rules and Regulations must be furnished by the landlord to the lessee. The applicant(s) has/have been furnished a complete copy of these documents does/do hereby acknowledge receipt thereof and further states that I/we have read and do understand the contents. The applicant(s) agree to fully comply with The Grand at Olde Carrollwood, Assoc., Inc. documents and Rules and Regulations and acknowledge(s) that failure to comply with any part of the Documents or Rules and Regulations will be considered a breach in the terms and conditions thereof.
____________________________________  _______   _______________________________________    ______
Signature                                                   Date       Signature                                                             Date

I understand that as a condition of a lease I will furnish copies of the Association's documents including the Rules and Regulations to the lessee. I further understand that the unit owner(s) is/are responsible for any damages and/or infractions of the Association's rules caused by the lessee, their children, guests or visitors.
_____________________________________           _______________
Signature of owner or agent  for lease                                    Date

As stated in the Association's Declaration - "At least three (3) business days prior to entering into the lease of a Unit, the Owner shall provide the Board with a copy of the proposed lease agreement" for Board approval.

Approved/Disapproved   _________________________________  Date__________
Rev 2/15/2017